Successful out of home advertising?


Many big brands have already trusted us and are our regular customers. These include: H & M, Carrefour, Decatlon, Penny Market, Levis, etc.

When we can call a advertising successful? 

The goal of any advertising is to increase sales of the product, promote a brand or put a new product on the market. This effect, of course, except better performance and creative idea matter where you position your ad. Effectiveness of outdoor advertising is high, because it is visible from many people. Of course there are ways to measure the effectiveness and they are: 

- GPR - Gross Rating Point - The percentage of effective audience that will see outdoor advertising to the total actual customers (over '18) in the city. Gross rating point (GRP) is a term used in advertising to measure the size of the advertising campaign through specific media or schedule. 

- CPT - Cost Per Thousand - Estimated value of one thousand promotional outlet. This traditional form of measuring advertising costs can be used in tandem with performance based as a percentage of sales, or cost per conversion (CPA). 


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